Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First Performance Response Notes

Eve: “Striptease”
Going from the light to dark and adding clothes felt like a commentary to my piece and how it ended.
Good use of space, especially when this was spontaneous.
It felt like she was trying to escape, even though she said to follow. Mysterious

Lucian: (The Mario Bros. Game)
Felt left out until someone was allowed to switch with someone
People with the privilege versus the people that were not allowed to “play”
Frustrating for people who could not see
Being able to interact with people but not directly with the game
Beautiful noises of the game included with the yes & no of the game

Carissa: (about body empathy)
This could easily be extended to the whole body
Reminded me of warming up your joints after being stuck out in the cold
Seemed very painful and was hard to watch, but was unsure where the pain was coming from
Rheumatoid arthritis… made me check my privilege

Elliott: (jazz gantlets)
Found Humor in the making of noise.
Could see the weight of the armor gloves as they were being shaken and as the arms fell
Could make beginning more ceremonious and mimic the bow at the end

Ben: (pickles)
3 solid sounds – the jar seal, the pickle against the jar, the crunch of the pickle
Could see that he was disappointed that it didn't take very much effort
Also had great humor with it

Anh: (stacking)
Inevitability of life being stacked up then falling down
I appreciate the personal connection to the objects
Precision was mixed with carelessness when stacking

Zoe'e: "Speak Poet"
Such a simple performance but I could have watched it forever
Made all of us clap at the end
The yelling was strong and committed
It naturally progressed and built up on itself

Madi: (yoga on leaves)
Was about nature and the human body together
Inspired by the performance endurance
Really relaxing and nice to watch

Alycia: "Stained with a Kiss"
Mad me think about how kisses and love fade or blow away in time
Unsure of when the ending would happen
Liked the intimacy of the space and feminine style

Reo: (making tea)
Simple and Specific
Great noise coming from the tea kettle
Why can't an everyday experience be art?
To me, was about the waiting and time

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