Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Soundscapers" (Second Performance)

Portable Speaker and Mic
Tiny Speaker
Exhaust Pipe
Spare Change
Jar with tacks
Water bottle
one unexpected audience member

I really enjoy my partner's description of the performance, so I'm gonna barrow it ;)
"The performance began with feedback from the portable speaker while Haley played the ocarina upside down, producing a flat whistling tone like the solar winds. After an indeterminate amount of time Haley then shook the exhaust pipe, signifying entrance into the atmosphere, and I scraped the coins across the table. Because the microphone picking up the portable speaker sounds was on the table, it picked up the sound of the coins scraping the table and produced a reverberating feedback effect much like a low pitched flying saucer. This only happened in rehearsal, however, which was a tad disappointing.
Anyway, once Haley stopped shaking the exhaust pipe she grabbed the ocarina like a space gun and walked around the room shaking the jar of pins in a rhythmic fashion. I stood by and slid a quarter over the strings of the dulcimer, making a sound like idle alien gear. Haley then placed the bucket on the chosen audience member's head and brought her up to the main console (the table everything was set up on). She was then handed the ocarina and, to my surprise, began to play it. In retrospect it seems obvious but I distinctly remember being surprised.
Haley then shook the pipes, I scratched around the coins and then, after a while, I started the portable speaker sound again. The piece then ended and the abducted Intermedia student was never heard from again. I hear she returned to Earth somewhere in Guatemala and couldn't remember her name for a couple days but the rumors are hard to verify."

I really enjoyed working with Lucian to come up with this project. He has a great knack for creating sound with a story, and I think about what would be interesting to see. We wanted to create a Cage inspired composition and wrote down a score for us to follow. Going into the performance, I knew that the sound were more important than the story we created, but the story was really just a jumping off point in my mind. I liked where it went even if it was not exactly how we planned it.

Notes from the audience:
Great use of sounds and "instruments"
The performance felt like a ritual
The audience had a lot of trust
The sound walking around the room was great, but could have used more
the exhaust pipe may have been overwhelming-which isn't bad or good
Bucket was reminiscent of either a crown or dunce hat
It could be improved by putting it behind a screen with backlight


  1. enjoyed this performance very much --- adding costume and thinking more about chance operations/structure --- I would like to hear one sound - then another - varying the sounds together and alone -- and using silence.

  2. I agree with you that the sound aspect of the performance is very important, but the story/message that you want the audience to receive is just as important. You guys really drew us to the art of making sounds and how you combine/overlap the sound and even beyond. So you got part in the performance complete. The other half must comes from the audience. When I watch a performance, what interests me the most is to figure out what the performer is trying to say, what the story line is. This performance reminds me of a ritual, especially when you took Corissa up front to join you with your routine.

    KEEP IT UP!!!