Friday, March 21, 2014

"Everything is Subject to Change?"

Glass Bottle
Running Water (in the distance)

Personal Response to Performing:
I went into this knowing what objects and general themes I had, but it wasn't until I was doing it live that I created more rules or guidelines for myself. This was the first time I had ever done this work, and it felt really good to just get up there and do something. Nerves, Energy, and the spirit of the room contributed to the piece. I enjoyed that people referenced the message in a bottle and that they created more meaning from the actions than I could have come up with myself. That is my favorite part of art/performing and something that I want to include in every work that I do: art is different for every person and can be looked at in so many different ways.  

Notes I kept from the audience:
Immersed but not included
Taking off shirt was taking part of self and huminess versus mechanical
Reminded of the way they used to make salsa/cookie dough/pizza
Better if rock was hidden from everyone
break bottle on something not "from the world"
Possible removal of the message because it made it hard to interperit any other way
Possible ritualistic nature
Make shirt part of flow of performace


  1. It is pretty apparent that you put a lot of thought into your performance. You mentioned that it was a part of you over-thinking but I think we can agree on calling it well-prepared. It is so because there are a lot of elements in your piece and most of them seemed to be intentional. The running water in the back, the rolling and spreading, the breaking of the glass bottle, all the elements and steps make your piece seem like a ritual that makes me wonder what it actually means deep down inside. To me, my favorite part is listening to and feeling the crushing sound traveling from your rolling action to my feet because of the wooden floor. I'm sure you didn't plan this but this fact made me feel more included into your performance despite of your lack of eye contact.
    In short, keep overthinking! It makes a difference.

  2. I really enjoyed the soundscape of your piece. For me, the sounds created were the most compelling and that is the place where I would love to see expansion. I felt the common theme in the sounds was a seashore effect, maybe you could explore the sound that a shell makes? Or investigate what sounds the glass makes (without hurting yourself)? I also found your intention and focus compelling. I could have watched you rolling the rocks out for hours! Good work. :)

  3. I really liked your piece, because it was open to interpretation and mysterious enough to invite it, the only explanation of the theme coming at the end -- everything is subject to change --

    everything breaks, like the rock, like the bottle