Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Journal of words

This performance was created and directed by Eve, but I'm glad I got to be included. I enjoyed the cyclical nature of walking around the tables, but I felt like it went on longer than it should have. I was surprised how the audience took to reading the definitions and turning the pages if they didn't know how to pronounce something or were just not interested in reading that specific word. We all had a sense of power over what was going on, but also left a lot up to chance.

Notes from the Audience:
Could have used harder words (or easier)
Had a very academic feel to it
It was fun to hear people struggle to pronounce the words
People caught the Mulan reference at the beginning
Great way to explore words

1 comment:

  1. This piece really played with words. It would be really cool to read out the definitions of the words. Also I enjoyed the audience’s interactions you allowed. This piece made me think of the different words that are rarely used as well as who the world language has progressed.