Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Second Performance Response Notes

Anh and Carissa: "Bubbles and Duck"
Great Visual use of time when we see the bubbles grow
Could be better with a larger, see-through tub (I have one ;) )
Loved the conversation that formed and how each of you played with the bubbles

Madi and Elliot: "You can't stop the music"
I got a reference to a pain piece because of the crawling and struggle
It all happened so fast and I would have liked to see the set-up
I loved the sound of the electric guitar being "played"

Ben and Madi: (absurd dance with peanut butter)
This was the most absurd but the most fun to watch
i appreciated the cyclical nature and the great amount of teamwork
Great use of noise with the jump rope, radio, and even the lip-smacking of peanut butter

Reo and Zoe'e: (hand games)
I appreciated that we could not see you perform
Reminded me of elementary school
Really enjoyed the laughter and kept me engaged in the rhythm
Could be pushed further with stronger clapping or including the audience

(I feel like I am missing something...)

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